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  • Black College Legends and Pioneers Committee

    LUBBOCK, Texas – The College Baseball Foundation Board of Trustees and the National College Baseball Hall of Fame are pleased to announce the creation of the Black College Legends and Pioneers committee.

    The committee is designed to provide recognition to black pioneers in college baseball and to honor outstanding players and coaches whose careers at Historically Black Colleges and Universities began prior to 1975.

    “After 1975, most of the HBCUs had joined the NCAA and players and coaches careers became much more documented, making it easier to track and compare statistics,” said Jay Sokol of

    Members of the committee are Sokol, Ruffin Bell of and John Winters, a black college baseball researcher.

    “These men were selected for their knowledge of college baseball in general and black college baseball specifically,” said Mike Gustafson, Executive Director of the College Baseball Hall of Fame. “This is an excellent group of people who are committed to researching the history of black college baseball and finding the most worthy candidates for College Baseball Hall of Fame induction. I am excited to see who they select for this great honor.”

    Selections made by the Black College Legends and Pioneers committee will be honored during the annual National College Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on July 3, 2011 in Lubbock, Texas.


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